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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is IATA's pre-eminent event. In addition to its governance role as IATA's ultimate authority, the AGM provides a focus for emerging industry issues and a forum for members to meet and network.

Some 1,500 representatives from IATA's member airlines, industry associate partners, international and regional associations, leading manufacturers and industry suppliers usually attend this meeting annually, accompanied by a large media contingent.

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History of AGM & World Air Transport Summit

The organizational meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was held in Havana, Cuba in April of 1945 and IATA formally came into being on the 19th of that month. Later that year, in October, the First Annual General Meeting of IATA was held in Montreal. At that time, there were 57 members from 31 countries. Today, IATA represents some 330 members from all over the world.

The 55th Annual General Meeting, in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, marked the first formal use of World Air Transport Summit, in recognition of the status of the IATA AGM as the premier, industry-wide platform for the debate of critical issues at the highest level. More on the history of IATA.

Next AGM: 
Delhi, June 2025, hosted by IndiGo

Past AGMs

Dubai, 2-4 June 2024 

Istanbul, 4-6 June 2023
Doha, 19-21 June 2022
Boston, 3-5 October 2021
Online, 24 November 2020
Seoul, 1-3 June 2019
Sydney, Australia 2018
Cancun, Mexico 2017
Dublin, Ireland 2016
Miami, USA 2015
Doha, Qatar 2014
Cape Town, South Africa 2013
Beijing, People's Republic of China 2012
Singapore, 2011
Berlin, Germany 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2009
Istanbul, Turkey 2008
Vancouver, Canada, 2007
Paris, France 2006
Tokyo, Japan 2005
Singapore, 2004
Washington, DC, USA 2003
Shanghai, PRC 2002
Madrid, Spain 2001
Sydney, Australia 2000
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1999
Montreal, Canada 1998
Amman, Jordan 1997
Geneva, Switzerland 1996
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1995
Mexico City, Mexico 1994
Dallas, Texas 1993
Montreal, Canada 1992
Nairobi, Kenya 1991
Geneva, Switzerland 1990
Warsaw, Poland 1989
Montreal, Canada 1988
Caracas, Venezuela 1987
Montreux, Switzerland 1986
Hamburg, Germany 1985
Montreal, Canada 1984
New Delhi, India 1983
Geneva, Switzerland 1982
Cannes, France 1981
Montreal, Canada 1980
Manila, Philippines 1979
Montreal, Canada 1978
Geneva, Switzerland,1978
Madrid, Spain 1977
Singapore, Singapore 1976
Oslo, Norway 1975
Montreal, Canada 1974
Auckland, New Zealand 1973
London, England 1972
Honolulu, USA 1971
Tehran, Iran 1970
Amsterdam, Netherlands 1969
Munich, West Germany 1968
Manila, Philippines 1967
Mexico City, Mexico 1966
Vienna, Austria 1965
Bogota, Columbia 1964
Rome, Italy 1963
Dublin, Ireland 1962
Sydney, Australia 1961
Copenhagen, Denmark 1960
Tokyo, Japan 1959
New Delhi, India 1958
Madrid, Spain 1957
Edinburgh, Scotland 1956
New York, USA 1955
Paris, France 1954
Montreal, Canada 1953
Geneva, Switzerland 1952
London, England 1951
San Francisco, USA 1950
The Hague, Netherlands 1949
Brussels, Belgium 1948
Petropolis, Brazil 1947
Cairo, Egypt 1946
Montreal, Canada 1945