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Grow your travel business

The future of travel is bright, and now is the time to take advantage of opportunities to grow. To do so, you need to ensure you’re able to stay on top of the evolving environment and manage complexity in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Need Help?

IATA has a complete range of services to enable travel agencies to thrive, whatever your size or business model:

  • Simplify and improve your relationships with airlines, to better serve travel customers
  • Increase efficiency through streamlined operations, to keep costs down
  • Improve your offering and enhance your quality of service, to build your brand

And IATA is the most trusted, most global partner for travel agent services


years of experience in managing payments between agents and airlines


travel agents worldwide connected to 400+ airlines worldwide


countries served with  $200+ billion in global sales settled in 2021

Want to boost your credibility?

Become an IATA Accredited Travel Agent – Improve and simplify your business relationship with all participating airlines in your market, from sale to settlement. With three levels of accreditation, we have the perfect option for your agency, and it only takes 25 days to become accredited.

If you’re in the USA: visit the IATAN website.

Just want to be digitally recognized by industry partners?

Get an IATA code (TIDS) – Facilitate supplier interactions with identification recognized industry-wide. Be part of the digital transformation of travel and tourism.

Looking to stand out through quality of service?

Upskill your staff with our Training program – Serve your customers better by ensuring newcomers master the basic skills fast, and more experienced staff are equipped to deal with more complex requests and develop new revenue streams.

Need to stay on top of evolving requirements?

Get Timatic for Booking – Ensure you provide the latest travel documentation and entry requirement information with access at your fingertips.

Want first-hand knowledge of services and attractions?

Get an IATA/IATAN ID Card – Access a network of partnerships and offers to better advise and serve your customers so they keep coming back for more. The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the ONLY globally recognized industry credential for travel professionals.

Looking for regulatory information?

Consult our Travel Agent Resources – Ensure you’re fully aware of the framework and services enabling the air travel industry to run smoothly.